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Is Your Spouse “Checked Out” of Your Marriage?​

“ Our clients go from a struggling, unhappy relationship where they lie in bed at night thinking, “My wife/husband doesn’t understand me,” “Why does it feel like I’m doing everything but nothing is making a difference?” and “How do I get my spouse to come back and be in love with me again?” to finally getting their marriage back and feeling at peace in their own home again. ”
Thriving Marriage
Thriving Marriage
Episode 148: Is There Hope For My Marriage (Q&A Live Stream)

Meet the Hosts

Heather Choate

Having had to fight for my life when I was diagnosed with breast cancer while pregnant at age 29, gave me a new perspective on life and marriage. My husband and I had to rely upon a bedrock foundation of trust, support, faith, tenacity and persistence to survive and protect the life of our baby, while keeping our marriage intact. I understand the raw, day-to-day struggles couples face having dealt with depression, anxiety, illness and lack of solid communication in marriage and teach people how to build a foundation of unconditional love for themselves and their spouse.

Marc Johnston

Over the past 12 years Marc has helped hundreds of clients make real changes in their lives. Now, as one of the founders of High Thrive Coaching, he is able to share some of his secrets to success on a much larger platform. Marc has helped clients save their marriages, improve their communication, overcome addiction, move beyond abusive relationships and more. After a spectacular failure, and nearly losing everything Marc has learned how to use failures in relationships and life as tools to springboard to success.

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