Thriving Marriage
Thriving Marriage
Episode 127: When to Tell if Your Marriage Is Over or Not - Part I

Episode 127: When to Tell if Your Marriage Is Over or Not - Part I

We thought we would discuss various situations that tend to pop up that trigger divorce

➡️ Usually, 1 or 2 of these make things recoverable
➡️ If you’re seeing A LOT of these situations, then you might need to consider your options

Most of these situations tend to be hit to one of our Pillars of Happy Relationships
➡️ Fulfillment (Does your relationship go beyond simply meeting needs)
Do you feel as though your needs are better met within the relationship?
Do you feel built up and supported?
Does your partner add to your needs rather than just be present for your needs
➡️ Feedback (Can you discuss issues in productive ways)
This is not simply can you discuss problems
Can you give positive feedback? Can you discuss problems?
➡️ Intimacy (How close are you to your partner?)
➡️ Positive Regard (How do you view your partner?)
➡️ Maybe a 5th pillar? Commitment (How committed and loyal are you to your partner?)
Commitment tends to be a result of the other pillars being met
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