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“Heather and the coaches at High Thrive have an innate ability to understand couples. They are able to take what seems like a complex and impossible situation and offer new insights and solutions.”
– Jasmine and Mike Toomalatai
“Everything that we have gotten from this has been absolutely amazing beyond words. We highly, highly recommend this coaching program. It has helped us sort out some very important things in our lives.”
– Shandel and Danny Poveda

What are you are gonna learn in our NEW Thriving Marriage Podcast?

Build Hope

Why 95% of marriages CAN and should be saved, even if your spouse is "checked-out," pushing for divorce or not wanting to work on the marriage.

Healthy Boundaries

The 3 Crucial Steps to setting healthy boundaries so you can communicate with respect & love while protecting yourselves.

Improve Communication

Proven process for better communication with your spouse so you get them to stop divorce and fall back in love with you.

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