Can I Save My Marriage, Even If My Spouse Is Checked Out?

Save your marriage, find balance and happiness and fall in love again.

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Is Your Spouse “Checked Out” of Your Marriage?​

“ Our clients go from a struggling, unhappy relationship where they lie in bed at night thinking, “My wife/husband doesn’t understand me,” “Why does it feel like I’m doing everything but nothing is making a difference?” and “How do I get my spouse to come back and be in love with me again?” to finally getting their marriage back and feeling at peace in their own home again. ”
Thriving Marriage
Thriving Marriage
Episode 143: Hit Pause on Divorce in 2 Weeks or Less

How to Save my Marriage​

What are you are gonna learn in our

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Build Hope

Why 95% of marriages CAN and should be saved, even if your spouse is “checked-out,” pushing for divorce or not wanting to work on the marriage.

Healthy Boundaries

The 3 Crucial Steps to setting healthy boundaries so you can communicate with respect & love while protecting yourselves.

Improve Communication

Proven process for better communication with your spouse so you get them to stop divorce and fall back in love with you.


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PATH 1-1 Marriage Coaching is for serious career people who want success in their marriage long-term, even if their spouse is currently checked out or wanting a divorce

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“ We went deeper with goals and shared some vulnerabilities and shared goals and he wants to help me with them! He shared what he’s working on and it was really nice to see the excitement in his eyes! We never had that connection before.”

- Tina Turner

Do you feel like your marriage is falling apart? Or does ANY of this sound familiar?

I often feel….

  • Like you dread when coming home at the end of the day.
  • That you’re fighting all the time with my spouse
  • Overwhelmed by all the stresses in life, I don’t feel I have time to work on my marriage.
    As if nothing I try is working. Therapy, self help books, courses never seem to work.
  • Betrayal, jealousy, distrust, anger or hopelessness. When I think about my relationship
  • I have no sense of control over my relationship.
  • Like we’re more like roommates than a married couple. I simply feel no love
  • Tired of the struggle.

I wish….

  • I knew how to reconnect with myself, and my spouse so I could wake up feeling good about myself and my life.
  • I could enjoy speaking with my spouse again, and enjoy their presence
  • I had balance in my life.
    I had a cohesive plan to help me be happy with my relationship again.
  • I could trust my partner to make me a priority, so I could feel love, security, and comfort again.
  • I could make my marriage become what I’ve always wanted it to be
  • To be wanted, cherished, respected, cared for, desired, and loved.
  • I had relief now

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